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Portable Handheld Bosch Fundus Camera

Introducing the Bosch Eyecare Solutions:- A revolutionary point-of-care solution for the detection and follow up of Diabetic Retinopathy. The solution comprises of the two parts – a physical hand-held device and the supporting software. The device is feature rich- a first of its kind, offering both Non-Mydriatic and Mydriatic modes for faster and accurate detection. The MediBilder software enables importing of captured images to a computer, generates advanced diagnostics and even offers options by which the medical data can be integrated into hospital databases and systems.


The specifications of the device are:

•    Separate Non-Mydriatic and Mydriatic modes with 40 deg FOV
•    Portable & Ergonomic design
•    5 MP CMOS Sensor
•    3.5 mm minimum pupil size
•    Modular design – one device, multiple applications
•    Auto-focus for fast capture (AF assist from -11 to +3 diopters)
•    Manual focus (-20 to +20 diopters)
•    IR/Red free imaging