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Power Meters, Power Sensors and Elements

Bird has a long history of providing highly accurate RF Power Measurement. Bird has created the market more than 60 years ago with the Model 43 and now offer latest models of field and laboratory Power Meters (DPM XT Series) & Sensors (USB).

These sensors can provide a wide range of measurements with excellent accuracy at power levels up to 50kW. As always, the Bird sensors are extremely easy-to-use and are plug and play with our line of meters and proprietary PC software applications. 

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Below are the Models of Power Meters and Power Sensors:


  • 4422 Multifunction Power Meter (RF instrument)
  • 5000-XT, Digital Power Meter
  • APM-16, Average Reading Power Meter
  • 421 Multifunction Power Meter Rack Mount Kit
  • Model 4043 Directional Power Sensor
  • Model 4044 Power Sensor
  • 5019D, 100mW - 100W Avg, 260W Peak Wideband Power Sensor
  • 5012D, 150mW - 150W Avg, 400W Peak Wideband Power Sensor
  • 5017D, 500mW - 500W Avg, 1300W Peak Wideband Power Sensor
  • 5018D, 100mW - 25W Avg, 60W Peak Wideband Power Sensor
  • 5016D, 25mW - 25W Avg, 60W Peak Wideband Power Sensor
  • 4028 Series, 2% Accurate, RF Directional Thruline® Precision Power Sensors
  • 4027F Series, Filtered Power Sensors
  • Model 4042 Channelized Directional Power Sensor
  • The Bird Directional Power Sensor (DPS)
  • 4020 Series, Directional Power Sensors
  • Statistical Power Sensor


Power Meter is also known as RF Wattmeter and Line sections:

Bird offers a reliable and featured RF wattmeters and RF line sections for better functioning in any condition. Each wattmeters  have better performance their past years. List of wattmeters as follows

  • Wattmeters and Line Sections
  • Wattcher Series, RF Monitors
  • Wattmeter Kits
  • Rigid Line Wattmeters
  • Rigid RF Line Sections


Basic application of these power meters are 'DPS measures': True Average Power, Peak Power