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Precision Unbound Materials Analyser Large

The Precision Unbound Material Analyser (PUMA) is a new type of laboratory test equipment designed to fill the gap between expensive and complex laboratory tools (such as triaxial cells) and more empirical methods (such as the California Bearing Ratio test). It is designed to generate realistic values of modulus for use in road pavement design.

The PUMA can be used to test unbound, hydraulically bound and asphaltic materials. It has been designed as a low cost, easy to use and practical tool, but one which is capable of generating scientifically meaningful data (Modulus and Resistance to Permanent Deformation), for use in road pavement design. It can be used to test specimens made from granular material, soil or lightly stabilised material etc, with a maximum particle size of 63mm.

The PUMA is proposed as a direct equivalent to the Springbox, with the advantage that initial stress conditions can be accurately controlled. It is a simple test, suited to generic specification, that holds the promise of increased confidence in pavement foundation design, particularly in cases where favourable weather conditions during construction result in unrepresentatively high Dynamic Plate Test (DPT) values, or in cases where stabilised soils or cold-mix asphalt are employed.





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