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Pressure Aging Vessel ( PAV )

Cooper Research Technology’s New Generation Pressure Aging Vessel (CRT-PAV1) uses heated, pressurised air to simulate long-term oxidative aging of asphalt binders. The PAV consist of an ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and CE certified stainless steel pressure vessel, steel cabinet with encased band heaters, and integral pressure measurement control.

This state of the art system meets ASTM D6521, AASHTO R28, and EN 14769 requirements and includes a platinum RTD device to ensure accurate temperature resolution and uniformity. A pressure relief valve and high- temperature thermal shut-down are included as standard safety features. A USB port located on the front of the unit allows the user to easily store test data and upgrade software if necessary.

The CRT-PAV1 Pressure Aging Vessel uses a Touch-screen controller with front panel user interface for complete control and monitoring of all test processes.

This easy-to-use system completes a test in three easy steps:

  • Set the temperature and pressure
  • Insert Specimens
  • Press the start button



  • EN 14769
  • ASTM D6521
  • AASHTO R28


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