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Accurate pulley alignment with laser. PULLALIGN is tailor-made for the job as it is easy to use and only requires a single operator. Due to its versatile design and strong magnets, the units mount onto virtually any pulley face or ring gear. A laser line is projected onto the reflector mounted on the opposite pulley. Parallel offset, vertical and horizontal angle corrections are visually determined by the position of the laser line on both the laser and reflector housing. These alignment parameters are monitored simultaneously.


PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Systems is the market leader in precision alignment. A large percentage of our hi-tech instruments developed and produced in Germany –are used in top industrial organizations worldwide.

Easy pulley alignment with laser


PULLALIGN® benefits

  1. Efficient one-man operation
  2. Reduces down time and energy costs
  3. Shows offset, vertical and horizontal angle simultaneously
  4. Reflected beam technology doubles the distance, enhancing accuracy
  5. Only one laser for complete alignment
  6. Reduces vibration and belt noise
  7. Prolongs belt, pulley and bearing life
  8. Time saving method as no cross-checking required
  9. Easier to use than conventional methods
  10. Supplied in a case or pouch
  11. No training required



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