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R-200 Advanced ALD System

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) R-series reactors are optimized for Research, Product Development and Pilot production. The versatile reactor design enables deposition single sample as well as mini-batch processing option on 2-8'' (50-200 mm) wafers, 156mmx156mm Solar Si wafers, 3-dimensional objects, Powders and Particles, through-porous and high Aspect ratio samples. The R-200 Advanced systems have the ability to perform Thermal and Plasma ALD (in a single recipe!) from 50degC to 500degC (higher temperature available on request), has 6 separate inlet lines and capable of handling up to 12 different sources at the same time. Systems can also be fitted with Manual Loadlock, Semi-Automatic Loadlock or Cassette based Loadlock if desired and are also Cluster compatible.