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Radian Posthole and Borehole Seismometer

High-performance sub-surface broadband seismometer with maximum versatility and operational at any angle
The Güralp Radian is a triaxial, force-feedback, broadband, digital seismometer designed for posthole and borehole deployments.

The ultra-wide frequency response between 120 s and 200 Hz makes the Radian ideal for seismic monitoring at all scales, particularly in areas of high cultural noise. For increased flexibility, the high-pass frequency corner can be remotely configured to suit the deployment environment.

At just 55 mm diameter the Radian is the ideal sub-surface digital seismometer and, depending on your intended application, the Radian can be built with either acceleration or a velocity response. A velocity response increases long-period gain for monitoring long-period, weak ground motion. An acceleration response increases gain with frequency for applications such as microseismic monitoring or detection of induced seismicity.

The Radian’s active feedback sensor ensures consistent amplitude and phase response across the bandwidth of the instrument.

The Radian system includes a surface interface unit that delivers advanced data-processing capability and software communications. Data is saved locally in industry-standard miniSEED format and streamed remotely using a number of standard protocols - such as SEEDlink, GDI-link and GCF.

Integrated network connectivity allows the surface interface unit to be controlled remotely using our free Güralp Discovery software, or via a standard web browser.