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RF Peak Power Meter

Two Types of Models are available 4541(1 Ch) and 4542 (2 Ch), thease are combined Peak/Average Power and Voltage meters and such a instruments gives you correct RF measurement. Provides you high dynamic range, rise time less than 7ns and perfect resolution 200Ps gives you better detailing analysis of Waveforms.


Instruments are into specific process: Capturing, displaying, and analyzing RF power. They have applications includes pulsed RF signals such as RADAR, MRI particle accelerators, pseudorandom or noise-like signals such as CDMA, WLAN and WiMAX, LTE, UMTS. The high dynamic range and very fast sampling rate make the 4540 series also ideal to measure RF telecommunication amplifiers. Both Boonton 4541 and 4542 Power meters, have built in step calibrators for highest accuracy allowing calibrating sensors over their full range right before the measurement. CW Power Meters Listed as 4530 Peak Power Meter, 4240 RF Power Meter, CPS2000