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RoadScan system is based on Ground Penetrating Radar technolgy for Pavement Evaluations. It provides users with an effective tool for quickly determining pavement layer thickness. It is useful to collect data densities not obtainable using other labor-intensive methods. RoadScan data can be acquired at highway speeds, which eliminates the need for lane closures and provides a safer working environment. For rough roads, road antennas are air-launched at a height of 18 inches (46 cm) can be easily deployed for suvey. Data acquired at highway speeds, no coring required for calibration, data quality not affected by rough road conditions, 1.0 or 2.0 GHz antennas provide superior data resolution, multi-channel data collection capability allows one to four antennas to be used simultaneously, ASCII output files for simple data transfer to other software programs, results output as Google Earth *.kml files, integration with FWD and other devices, uses 900 MHz or 400 MHz antennas to obtain additional information on base or sub-base layers as well. 

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