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Rosand Capillary Rheometer Range

The RH2000 series of bench top capillary rheometers are compact systems capable of most testing requirements encountered in capillary rheometry. The series is available in both single bore or twin bore configurations in the form of the RH2100 and the RH2200. Both versions of Rosand's bench top rheometer incorporate many of the features and attributes found in the floor standing models. A new digital drive system, gives the RH2000 series unsurpassed performance in terms of speed control, accuracy, and dynamic operating range. This new hardware is supported by the latest generation of 32 bit Windows™ based software, Flowmaster™, with many new experimental possibilities.The Rosand RH7 has set new standards in research level capillary rheometry. Today, the Rosand RH7 is used in several hundred research laboratories around the world for a range of rheometry applications including polymers, foods, coatings and ceramics.