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The intelligent alignment platform. No matter whether it is a motor-pump set or turbomachinery trains, ROTALIGN Ultra iS is a highly versatile system made to handle alignment on all types of rotating machines. This best-of-breed laser alignment system will save you a lot of time and effort! The modular system is easily configured with expert modules such as Vibration Acceptance Check, Live Trend for the monitoring of thermal growth, simultaneous multi-coupling measurement, RFID machine identification, and geometric measurements.


Laser alignment with intelligence for maximum user comfort


It is well known that ROTALIGN Ultra iS is the only high end intelligent machine for alignment platform for the markets which have requirements like alignment and balancing. This is perfect equipment to resolve all issues related to alignment and balancing in rotating machine.

  • This Powerful Instrument for 100% stress-free shaft alignment of all kinds of coupling and shafts.
  • This Tool is also useful in Live Monitoring of machine displacements and has expert modules like Vibration acceptance to check noise & vibration.
  • Measurement platform for geometric applications.


In addition, ROTALIGN ultra iS is compatible with the ALIGNMENT CENTER software for professional reporting and managing your alignment jobs.