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Rotating Bending Testing Systems 0.5-500Nm

Compact UBM series Rotating Bending Machines will provide constant bending moment on the entire sample length with maximum stress on the circular test-section surface during each rotation. Designed for testing at ambient or high temperature upto 1000 deg C. The specimen has a round cross section and is subjected to dead-weight loading while swivel bearings permit rotation. The sample is subjected to sinusoidal stress variation from tension to compression each time it undergoes a 360° rotation. A sensor detects specimen failure and switch off the system. The UBM Series features Collet Chuck sample clamping system for cylindrical smooth shank specimens that make sample preparation easy and inexpensive. The self-centring Collet Chuck System provides high accuracy over its entire clamping range combined with high vibration dampening resulting in longer life time and smooth operation. The machines are closed loop driven by a motor providing stable high speed even when line voltage fluctuations appears. No voltage stabilizer is needed. The safety device protects the operator from rotating parts. The product line includes system suitable for Rotary Bend Tests under high temperature and units with frequency range up to 250 Hz.