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Satellite Synchronized Spectral Induced Polarization System, (SSIP-2000)

Satellite Synchronized Spectral Induced Polarization System, SSIP System, manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics for oil and gas prospecting, is the satellite-synchronized SSIP-2000 System. It consists of a 160Kw T-200 high power geophysical current source (or 100Kw model T-120) that transmits the current waveform into the ground and an array of CRU-2, 2-channel data acquisition units that receive the earth's electrical response. The transmitter and receivers are synchronized by GPS Satellite signal. They are normally set up in a dipole-dipole array with separation from 100 to 8000m. The satellite synchronization technology eliminates the need for a cable link between the transmitter and receivers. Elimination of cable links means more productive field operations and higher quality data because of minimized pickup of EM coupling between transmitter and receivers.