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Scale Calibrating Machines

Aircraft and truck scales come in all different shapes and sizes and typically serve one purpose, to approximate the weight of an aircraft or truck. Calibrating these scales properly is essential to ensure safety and improve profitability. Common calibration problems include:

  • Large size, high capacity scales that don’t fit in the calibrating machine
  • Bending of the top beam and load bearing table
  • Adapters that are different from the tire footprint, which can cause significant measurement errors
  • Calibrating in mass and using the scale in a different location, which produces gravity errors
  • Several standards might be needed to certify tolerance correctly

The Aircraft and Truck Scale Calibrator is designed to address these problems. It accommodates the large size, high capacity scales that are utilized to weigh aircrafts and heavy weight vehicles and is designed to be plumb, level, rigid, and square. It will speed up the calibration and certification of scales, while maintaining the high degree of accuracy required for proper certification.