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SD , HD & Full HD Camera - B&W

The CHRONOS 1/2" is a very compact, high-sensitivity, B&W camera with near IR spectral response. 

The SPHINX HD 2/3" B&W camera offers high-level features making it the perfect answer to very different requirements. Built with first-class components offering considerable flexibilit and thanks to its dynamic calibration, it provides high-quality images. 

The SPHINX HD 1/2" is a B&W camera offering high-level performance making it ideal for very different high-range surveillance requirements. HD definition coded on 12bit/pixel gives access to enhanced dynamics and high-quality images.

The SPHINX MEGA 24x36 is a compact, B&W, megapixel camera working at more than 6 I/S. Its Cyclone III processor offers a wide range of built-in functions.

SPHINX Single Board ( 1/2" ,1/3" , 1/6" ) Camera