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Secotom-1 has been designed for manual cutting of PCB's and similar applications. With the large cutting table and the adjustable guide rail, PCB's of all different shapes and sizes can easily be sectioned for sample preparation. Secotom-1 can also be used for sectioning all other types of thin plates of materials, which can be cut with a resin or metal-bonded diamond cut-off wheel. This could be ceramic sheet or plate material, tiles or other glass or carbon fibre reinforced materials. In Secotom-1 Illumination from below- makes positioning easy & precise. Secotom-1 is very easy to operate. As soon as the start button is pressed the light in the cutting table is switched on and the cut-off wheel starts rotating. The PCB can then be positioned in front of the cut-off wheel so that the cut can be performed exactly where necessary. Adjustable guide rail, The guide rail is easy adjusted sideways and allows PCB or other sample material to be moved exactly parallel to the cut-off wheel. Built-in wheel cooling, Secotom-1 has a built-in wheel cooling system, which ensures a constant low temperature during the cutting process, thus avoiding damage of the sample surface. At the same time the water holds on to the particles created during cutting, reducing the risk of inhalation. Secotom-1 is having 800w cutting motor, with 200mm cut-off wheel , which insures cutting capcity of 17mm high PCB samples or plates.