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Seismic Data Acquisition System (PALADIN)

The Paladin-IV is a digital microseismic data acquisition system, with its 32-bit digital seismic recorder enables accurate detection of a wide range of seismic event, magnitudes within a flexible, customizable platform. Its ability of continuous recording on all stations at once ensures that no data is missed. It has Unique triggering methods which can configured to record event data based on specific criteria. This is designed to interface with both geophones and accelerometers. Lights on the front panel indicate channel performance. Advanced diagnostic tools include voltage measurement, sensor auto detect, programmable AC/DC coupling, auto detect-correct polarity, geophone parameter extraction among other features. Use of the ADB simplifies installation and provides real-time feedback about the health status of the attached sensors. The Portable Paladin units are designed for temporary, portable uses like Blast monitoring, Structural health monitoring, other geotechnical applications.