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Sensors (Geo-Phones & Acceleration Sensor)

Seismic sensors detect and measure small ground vibrations caused during mining operations. They can be deployed in various configurations around a zone of interest to provide the best possible detection coverage. Seismic sensors includes geophones and accelerometers for downhole, uphole and surface installation. Sensors are also available in triaxial (3-component) or uniaxial formats for added flexibility. Geophones: Geophones are commonly used sensors in mining applications for their robust performance and cost effectiveness. Primarily two types of geophones. 15 Hz geophones easily detect signals associated with high frequency, small-scale microseismic events and are omni-directional for installation at any orientation. 4.5 Hz geophones are optimized for larger magnitude seismicity (such as blasts or strong-ground motion events) and must be installed vertically. Accelerometers: Accelerometers are often included in sensor arrays for their increased sensitivity and ability to detect small magnitude seismicity. Omni-directional accelerometers have sensitivities of 0.1 V/g, 1 v/g, 2.4 V/g and 30 V/g. Designing of microseismic sensor arrays that use a combination of geophones and accelerometers for optimal array performance.