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Shaft Quantitative Inspection Device (SQUID)

Assesses cleanliness and competency of the bottom of drilled shafts or bored piles. Pile Dynamics, Inc. has developed a new technology for quantitatively assessing the bottom surface of bored pile or drilled shaft foundations.  SQUID quantitatively measures the soft material or debris thickness that may be covering the bearing strata, at the bottom surface. Based on geotechnical theories, SQUID outputs force and displacement in numerical and graphical form.  The entire test can be completed very quickly, typically less than 30 minutes – including attachment to the drill stem, testing and analysis.                                    The SQUID test consists of mounting the device on a Kelly bar or winch system and lowering it into a drilled hole. Once the SQUID is located at the bottom of the hole, the buoyant weight of the Kelly bar will transfer sufficient force for the probes to penetrate the debris and bearing layers, and for the displacement plates to retract. Accurate, real time force vs displacement measurements are plotted and displayed digitally in the SQUID tablet.