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Shaft Test System

Shaft test system is designed to perform durability, life cycle, performance and quality control tests of front and rear axle shafts. Test bench is capable of performing two shaft tests at the same time with different angles, ambient temperature and also shaft speed.
With the modular system design approach different types of axle shafts (front, rear, cardan-shafts, heavy-truck, truck, commercial vehicle etc.) can be tested with one single test unit.


Key Feature

 - Front and rear cardan shaft testing
 - Up to 3500 rpm speed control
 - MpiCON controller & software
 - Longitudinal and vertical position control (shaft angles and  - movement)
 - Shaft torque and force observation
 - Modular design for different cardan shafts (truck, light commercial vehicle etc.)
 - Adjustable control interface
 - Thermal cycle testing
 - Muddy-water testing (sand-mud/Arizona sand)