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The efficiency of laser shaft alignment. SHAFTALIGN ideally combines intuitive operation and accuracy for precision laser shaft alignment of rotating machinery. The system's intuitive Autoflow capability guides the user step by step to measure the machinery alignment condition. All relevant alignment results are graphically displayed on one screen.


Need Shaft Alignment Fast and Efficient with SHAFTALIGN - Since many years, PRÜFTECHNIK has continued to develop excellent equipment for quality check of all types of rotating machine. Shaftalign is one of the best equipment for precision shaft alignment systems; our machine is mostly used in Power, chemical, water treatment, production and processing industry.


Why alignment?

Rotating machinery is susceptible to misalignment. Machines that are well aligned at the commissioning stage and thereafter regularly maintained will in the long term reduce both plant operating and maintenance costs.


Precision alignment guarantees

1.      Reduced energy consumption

2.      Reduction in bearing, seal, shaft and coupling failure

3.      Reduced bearing and coupling temperatures

4.      Reduced vibration

5.      No breaking (or cracking) of shafts

6.      Secure foundation bolts



-          Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines

-          Alignment of coupled, uncoupled and nonrotatable shafts

-          Soft foot check – measure, correct and save results

-          UniBeam for quick adjustment of the single laser beam

-          Active clock measurement mode

-          Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with TolChek®

-          InfiniRange® extends detector measurement range to handle gross misalignment

-          QuickCheck – uses a single dimension to display both horizontal and vertical coupling values

-          Static measurement mode – requires any 3 of the 8 available

-          45° measurement positions

-          Live monitoring of horizontal and vertical machine corrections

-          Save measurement reports as PDF to a USB memory stick

-          Data protection – auto save and resume capability

-          High resolution backlit colour TFT screen

-          Save up to 200 measurement files in the device



Powerful SHAFTALIGN® features:

-          Sweep measurement mode (optional)

-          Active clock measurement mode

-          Automatic evaluation of alignment

-          Live Move