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Soilspy Rosina is the new hardware and software concept of multichannel digital system for all active and passive seismic surveys. Soilspy Rosina consists of a digital data transmission cable along which the amplification/digitization modules are set, each one to be connected to a sensor (commonly geophones). This allows a higher signal quality than traditional systems (no cross-talk among cables, no noise coupled along the cables) and an extreme light weight, that makes the field work an easier, faster and entertaining experience. No external batteries. System is powered directly from the USB port of any portable or pocket PC and has an extremely low power consumption. It has  the unlimited recording duration. This makes the system particularly suited for passive seismic surveys and long term monitoring.

  • Classic P and S wave prospection (refraction, reflection, tomography)
  • Surface wave prospection (SASW, MASW, ReMiTM, ESAC, SPAC, other spatial correlation methods of ambient noise or active signals)
  • In-hole surveys (downhole, crosshole)