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Spraytec for Sprays Droplet Size Measurement

Malvern Instruments’ Spraytec is a laser diffraction particle size system specifically designed to address the unique requirements of aerosol and spray droplet characterization across a wide range of industries and applications. The Spraytec provides in-situ, real-time droplet measurements in a fully validated package, giving accurate, reproducible results time and again. 

Malvern Spraytec Benefits

Accurate Particle Size over an extremely wide 0.1 to 2000 micron range. 
Rapid Measurements at acquisition rates of up to 10 kHz capture the dynamics of any spray process in exceptional detail. 
A Patented High Concentration Analysis delivers accurate spray results at spray concentrations where other techniques would simply fail. 
Automated software and advanced analysis features ensure repeatable aerosol measurements can be made, time and again. 
Hardware Design: Learn more about how the Spraytec measures spray particle size distributions. 
Software Functionality : The Spraytec’s software provides many advanced features to ensure users get the most from the system’s extensive spray and droplet sizing capabilities. 

Pharmaceutical Applications : Discover how Spraytec is aiding researchers in developing and testing nasal spray, inhaler and nebulizer drug delivery devices. 

Industrial Applications : Find out how the Spraytec enables the routine characterization of industrial spray systems such as fuel injectors, agrochemical sprays and coating sprays.