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Stand Alone Four Point Bending Machine

A low cost, accurate beam testing system which facilitates the rapid throughput of modulus and fatigue tests.

Bending tests are widely used for measuring the stiffness modulus and assessing the fatigue resistance of asphaltic paving materials.The specimen is a prismatic beam which is subjected to sinusoidal loading in either the controlled strain or controlled stress modes.

The SA4PT uses advanced servo pneumatic technology and a high-speed digital data acquisition and control system together with user-friendly software. During testing both graphical and tabular data are displayed on screen and test data is stored to disc in Microsoft Excel™ compatible format. The clamps are at 118.5mm centres (the distance between the outer clamps is 335.6mm (14 inches) according to AASHTO specifications² but the height and width of the beam can be varied).



EN 12697-24 Annex D
EN 12697-26 Annex B
ASTM D7460


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