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Static Load Tester (SLT)

Provides quick and accurate monitoring of force and displacement during a static load test. The Static Load Tester (SLT) automatically obtains and records reliable readings at programmable time intervals during a static load test. The system allows for monitoring of up to 16 independent channels taken from traditional pile-top measurements or from embedded sensors from each data acquisition box.  As many as 16 boxes can be connected to the Static Load Tester at once. Automatic data collection and display allows real time monitoring, analysis, and interpretation of results.        

PDI’s Static Load Tester includes: • 16 Channels (12 analog and 4 digital) for each data acquisition box with smart universal inputs • Remote data collection box(es) capable of being daisy-chained for a large number of sensors • Wireless configuration for easy set up and remote operation • Real-time graphical presentation of load, strain, displacement, and pressure measurements • SLT-S software will handle compression (both top-down and bi-directional), tension, and lateral load.