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Structure Scan Mini-XT

The StructureScan Mini XT is an all-in-one GPR systems. It offers a 2.7 GHz antenna for superior target resolution and can reach depths of 20 inches (50 cm). Ideal for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, voids and real time determination of concrete slab thickness. The State-of-the-art touchscreen interface and six-button control for enhanced usability. It is with IP-65 rated to withstand the jobsite’s toughest conditions. IIt has built-in Survey wheel encoder, guiding laser for locating and 3D surveying. 2.7 GHz antenna positioned 8 mm off the surface, providing additional ground clearance which allows the antenna to be used over rough concrete surfaces. This antenna provides excellent near surface resolution while also maintaining the ability to resolve deeper targets. It has ability to customize the data display with a variety of color adjustments. Real-time migrated data, onscreen reference markers and real-time signal floor indicator are also available.