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Superpave Gyratory Compactor

Troxler’s newest Superpave™ Gyratory Compactor is the most advanced, easiest to use gyratory compactor on the market today. Completely redesigned with improved electronics, a hydraulic motor, and software-adjustable angle of gyration, the durable 5850 will consistently stand up to the rigors of any asphalt lab. A built-in specimen extruder eliminates the need to lift heavy loaded molds. Samples are prepared, extruded, and cooled on the gyratory compactor.

The Superpave™ Gyratory compactor is a hydraulic system and has a 4.5-square foot footprint is 38% smaller than that of its leading competitor. This, and its durable caster wheels make it a versatile and unobtrusive asset to any work space. The rugged, unique design provides a significant return on your investment. Its low maintenance hydraulic power unit greatly simplifies its maintenance when compared with that required by electromechanically driven compactors.

The lighter weight, smaller, portable, robust electronics, and quiet operation of the Model 5850 add to the list of the improved features that the operator will enjoy when using Troxler’s newest gyratory compactor. As the paving industry evolves, count on Troxler to keep you up-to-date.



ASTM D6925
EN 12697-31