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Surecal Software

SureCAL was developed by calibration engineers and technicians determined to cut the high cost of manually calibrating and maintaining test and measurement equipment. SureCAL has TEGAM drivers and procedures that will allow you to automate and streamline your TEGAM Power Sensor Calibation System. SureCAL Test Manager for Windows makes testing easy and practical with "flexible standards". Flexible standards means SureCal procedures were developed for standards that meet the minimum testing requirements. This allows the operator to use equipment already in the lab from manufacturers like Anritsu, Fluke, Hewlett Packard(Agilent), Keithley, TEGAM, and many others. SYSII-SureCAL includes more than 30 predefined power sensor profiles. With the easy to edit "Test Profile" for power sensors, that list can be expanded to include just about any commercially available power sensor! This package includes the ability to read and update the cal factor tables of most Anritsu, Agilent (both E4400 and E9300 series), Boonton, and Giga-tronics power sensors.