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SX20 Stopped-Flow Spectrometer

The SX20 is the premier high performance stopped-flow spectrometer, built on over 20 years of innovative design and applications support The SX20 Stopped Flow Spectrometer's sensitivity, opto-mechanical performance, robustness and intuitive software have made it the most publication-productive stopped-flow instrument by far. With outstanding sensitivity and speed, flexible mixing and detections options, the SX20 is the proven stopped-flow for optimum productivity in steady state and kinetic experiments. With a comprehensive range of accessories such as sequential mixing, fluorescence polariation, photodiode array, and steady state sample housing, we have the right stopped-flow for your application. •Optimised for absorbance and fluorescence without the need for reconfiguration•Exceptionally high fluorescence sensitivity with low inner-filtering•Robust design and straightforward operation•Full scanning capability •Wide temperature range