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Syscal Jr Switch 72

It is Multi-channel (2-channel standard, optional more channels) compact Resistivity Imaging suyystem for Resistivity, IP & SP measurements. It has in-built switching for 72 multi-electrodes with 5meter/10meter or more spacings take-out cable reverssible type, for 1D, 2D & 3D measurementsIt is with inbuilt Transmitter, Receiver, powered by internal battery for compelete operation and current injection. It's output Voltage is 400V, 800Vpeak to peak, 100 Watts Power, 1250 milli Ampere Curent output, automatic fixing of output voltage in relation with level of measured signal, Internal memory, 0.5% accuracy, 1µV Voltage precission, data repeatability, quality control through standard deviation and digital stacking, SP Compensation with linear drift correction, Seriel/USB link with PC for data transfer, in-built GPS (optional), in-built software for sounding for all popular arrays, like Schlumberger, Wenner, Pole-Pole, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Gradient, Mixed array and other user defined arrays. Has inbuilt-display and displays Direct Resistivity, IP, SP, Voltage, Current, Quality factor (Standard Deviation), stackings etc. IP time windows are 4 Nos. It can be connected to external switch boxes for Resistivity Imaging 2D & 3D Survey. External Battery can be connected for long run survey if required. Working environemnt is excellent as temperature ranges from -20 degree Centigrade to +70 degree Centigrade. Has emrgency push button confirming to European standard.