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Syscal Pro Deep Marine

It is most powerful system in the World, having 10 simultaneous reception channels (20 optional), with outpout 40 A Current, 2000 Watts power, 56 Voltage, GPS input, Internal or external (computer) storage. It is designed for high productivity resistivity and IP measurements. Beside the possibility to perform some classical electrical soundings, it allows to realize some profiles in a dynamic way, like Continuos Logging: a specific mode and specific cables allow the system to be used for continuous logging, either for land or marine survey; a specific remote PC software, Sysmar, is used for data storage and for a real time graphical picturing of the apparent resistivity pseudo-section. Its 10 reception channels allows to obtain simultaneously a set of 10 resistivity data points corresponding to 10 depth levels. The short current injection time (150 ms) allows to record a set of 10 resistivities very quickly ; in case of a GPS/sounder recording during the profile, the acquisition step is about 2 s ; an acquisition speed of 3 km/h permits to keep a good lateral resolution. For marine applications, the take-out are graphite electrodes ; this allows to get low resistance values and avoids corrosion due to water contact. Water environment: the high injection current value (up to 2.5 A) gives good quality results even in case of highly conductive areas (like in salt water). Land environment: the high injection voltage value (up to 800 V) allows to obtain good quality results in case of reasonable grounding resistances values (typically lower than 40 kOhm in a 300 ohm.m ground resistivity context) Interpretation software: data are collected through PC for further analysis and processing ; they can be then exported to interpretation software for true resisitivities section picturing.