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TrackSense® LyoPro

Ellab’s new TrackSense® LyoPro data loggers – the ultimate solution for lyophilization. LyoPro is designed to revolutionize the validation and monitoring of your critical freeze drying process. Whether this is for validating the process, temperature mapping the equipment or batch control.

The LyoPro is a specially designed data logger for complete batch control and validation of the freeze drying processes. The tiny data logger fits perfectly within any lyophilization setup, as the various LoggerNests allow the device to match the size of any vial.

LyoPro comes fitted with an 0.55 x 0.95 mm thermocouple sensor that ensures next to no impact on the sample during measurements, thereby providing highly valid data.

Data integrity is at its finest with TrackSense LyoPro. The internal data logger memory constantly stores every sample, allowing the ValSuite software to provide a complete picture of the process, without you ever having to worry about gaps in data.