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Tegramin The Powerful Preparation System for High Quality Specimen Preparation

The Tegramin preparation system elegantly combines ease of use with advanced functionality. lnnovative solutions improve preparation results and help you deal with a variety of specimens or materials,or high specimen volume. Tegramin is available for two different disc sizes: Tegramin-30 for 300 mm disc and Tegramin-25 for 250 mm disc. On Tegramin-30: up to 6 single specimens of 50 mm dia. and specimen holders size 160 mm or 200 mm dia. On Tegramin-25: up to 6 single specimens of 40 mm dia. or 3 single specimens of 50 mm dia. and specimen holders size 140 mm or 160 mm dia.


Two different dosing modules are available for Tegramin: One module with two pumps for DP-Suspensions or lubricants, and one module with two pumps for DP Suspensions or lubricants and one pump with water connection for OP-Suspensions. These modules can be combined at will, opening for six different combination possibilities and up to 7 pumps in total. Tegramin includes a method database able to store as many as 200 preparation methods.


This is a powerful high quality specimen preparation designed for reproducibility. Also known as lapping machine used for automatic lapping, grinding & polishing. Tegramin-20 also known as Lapping Machine and Tegramin-25/30 known as Grinding/Lapping/Polishing Machine with different parameters & features.


Key Features

  1. Rigid Design and Precise Force Control
  2. Recirculation cooling unit
  3. Convenient Automatic Dosing
  4. MD-Disk with cone
  5. Removable bowl liner
  6. LED Light
  7. Multifunction (Turn/Push) Knob
  8. Automatic Locking of Specimen Mover Plates


3 Models of Tegramin:

  1. Tegramin-20
  2. Tegramin-25
  3. Tegramin-30


Equipment of Struers and this tegramin product mostly used in aerospace, automobile, electronics and manufacturing industry.