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The Tegramin preparation system elegantly combines ease of use with advanced functionality. lnnovative solutions improve preparation results and help you deal with a variety of specimens or materials,or high specimen volume. Tegramin is available for two different disc sizes: Tegramin-30 for 300 mm disc and Tegramin-25 for 250 mm disc. On Tegramin-30: up to 6 single specimens of 50 mm dia. and specimen holders size 160 mm or 200 mm dia. On Tegramin-25: up to 6 single specimens of 40 mm dia. or 3 single specimens of 50 mm dia. and specimen holders size 140 mm or 160 mm dia.


Two different dosing modules are available for Tegramin: One module with two pumps for DP-Suspensions or lubricants, and one module with two pumps for DP Suspensions or lubricants and one pump with water connection for OP-Suspensions. These modules can be combined at will, opening for six different combination possibilities and up to 7 pumps in total. Tegramin includes a method database able to store as many as 200 preparation methods.


This is a powerful high quality specimen preparation designed for reproducibility. Also known as lapping machine used for automatic lapping, grinding & polishing. Tegramin-20 also known as Lapping Machine and Tegramin-25/30 known as Grinding/Lapping/Polishing Machine with different parameters & features.


Key Features

  1. Rigid Design and Precise Force Control
  2. Recirculation cooling unit
  3. Convenient Automatic Dosing
  4. MD-Disk with cone
  5. Removable bowl liner
  6. LED Light
  7. Multifunction (Turn/Push) Knob
  8. Automatic Locking of Specimen Mover Plates


3 Models of Tegramin:

  1. Tegramin-20
  2. Tegramin-25
  3. Tegramin-30


Equipment of Struers and this tegramin product mostly used in aerospace, automobile, electronics and manufacturing industry.