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Evaluation of concrete quality in various locations of mass pours as the curing cement generates heat.  TEMP-Q measures temperatures in various locations of a mass concrete pour, as the curing cement generates heat. The TEMP-Q system includes a TEMP-Q data logger, a charger, and the TEMP-S analysis software.  Thermal Wire® cables are fitted with custom-spaced temperature sensors and are sold separately. The cable is cast into the concrete, often tied to the reinforcement.  Each Thermal Wire cable includes one or more sensors depending on the ideal configuration for the project, and is connected to a single external TEMP-Q data logger. The external, two-channel TEMP-Q data logger reads and stores temperature measurements and is powered by a rechargeable battery.  There are no batteries on the sensors themselves. Temperature data is uploaded every 15 minutes from the TEMP-Q data logger to the Cloud for quick observation and reporting by the TEMP-S software. An automatic alert can be sent when  user-defined parameters are exceeded.