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Texas Overlay Tester

State-of-the-art test equipment for determining the crack initiation and crack propagation properties of asphalt mixtures.

In recent years many mixture design methods have produced materials that are stiffer, leaner and more resistant to rutting, however, such materials are often more susceptible to fatigue and reflection cracking. The Texas Overlay Tester (CRT-TOT) was designed to simulate the expansion and contraction movements that occur in the vicinity of joints or cracks and which result in reflection cracking in overlays. With the CRT-TOT it is possible to characterize both the crack initiation and crack propagation properties of asphalt mixtures. Cooper has developed the CRT-TOT, which is a dedicated, state-of-the-art piece of equipment for carrying out this test.

A proposed new ASTM International standard for “Determining the Susceptibility of Bituminous Mixtures to Reflective Cracking using the Overlay Tester” is currently under development. It is hoped that this International standard will improve the test method by providing a unified sample preparation procedure as well as overall improved precision. The CRT-TOT will, of course, meet any changes prescribed in this new standard.



ASTM WK26816 (Proposed draft)


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