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Thermal Air TA-5000

The ThermalAir TA-5000 is a compact, portable bench top environmental heating and cooling temperature testing system.     

The ThermalAir line of advanced temperature forcing systems are a series of flexible high capacity thermal air stream systems used for performing accurate thermo  cycler tests, fast thermal shock, and device temperature characterization of components semiconductor ICs , hybrids , modules, PCBs, and other electronic and non-electronic assemblies with an air stream of dry hot and cold at precise temperatures from -90°C TO +225°C in just seconds. 

ThermalAir TA-5000 temperature cycling test equipment can thermal test any electronic, electromechanical , and non-electronic components at wide temperature ranges to meet your application requirements.  

The ThermalAir TA-5000 brings localized temperature right to the test . Our ThermalAir systems are used at the test station , in the engineering lab and the on the production test floor.