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Torque Measuring Technology

Torque Measuring Flanges Torque measurement of ship engine,piston temperature measurement, piston load measurement, dynamic load/ship con rods, con rod bearing temperature, Valve temperature Standard Measuring Flanges Measuring applications for aircraft gas turbines: 1. Vibration analysis of the turbine blades (up to 96 channels simultaneously) 2. Temperature measurement of turbine blades and bearings (up to 400 channels simultaneously) 3. Torques and forces at the turbine shaft 4. Radial and axial signal tapping Main Rotor Applications: 1.Dynamic bending moment at the main rotor shaft 2.Distension of the rotor blades 3. Vibration of the rotor blades 4. Vectorial torque during load change (e.g. helicopter transport and rescue missions on mountain sides) 5. Measurements on rotor test stands Tail rotors Applications: 1.Rotor shaft torque 2.Rotor blade vibrations 3.Bearing temperatures Landing flap drive applications Customer-specific flanges 1. Torque, rotation speed and power of the gear, rotor and generator shafts 2. Bending and torsional moment of the rotor blades 3. Vibration analysis of the rotor blades 4. Pressure and tractive force loads on individual drive train components 5. Temperature monitoring of heat-sensitive components