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Track Clearance / Schedule of Dimention : Trimble GEDO Scan System

The Trimble GEDO Scan  collect high-resolution datasets of 3-dimensional points. The scanner is mounted on a GEDO trolley, which collects location, gauge and cant information as it is moved along the track. The combined data produce detailed 3D models of tunnels, overpasses, stations and other facilities where precise information is needed for railcar clearance and asset management.
In Absolute mode, the system can create 3D point clouds and tie objects to the rail as well as defined coordinate systems. For railway specific 3D visualization and analysis, Trimble GEDO Scan Office uses clearance envelopes and 3D models to simulate the movement of a railcar through an existing facility or stretch of track. The system can automatically detect locations where clearance encroachments may occur.  Create cross section drawings and compare differences according to given profiles or envelopes.