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TrackSense® Pro

The ultimate solution in wireless thermal validation Ellab has incorporated the latest in electronic technology and innovation to deliver a wireless multi-channel data logger unmatched in accuracy, performance and versatility. The flexible system is easily adapted to your requirements and provides an elegant solution to the most demanding validation applications.


The TrackSense® Pro Multi Reader Station can be combined with modules for Micro, Mini, Compact, Frigo or Pro loggers allowing startup of 16 loggers simultaneously.

  • Extreme Temperature Sensors
  • Interchangeable Sensors


Sensors are compatible with a Sky option to provide live data. TrackSense® Pro Interchangeable Sensors are uses following sensors and loggers.

  • Basic Logger
  • Pro Logger
  • Pro X Logger
  • Pro X Long Logger
  • Rigid Sensors
  • Double rigid sensors
  • Semi Flexible Sensor
  • Multipoint Sensor
  • Low Temperature Sensor
  • Rugged Sensor
  • High Temperature Sensor
  • Relative Humidity Sensor for Stability
  • Auto Marker Sensor