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Transpol-5 Portable Grinding and Polishing Equipment for Rugged Use

Many applications demand a materialographic preparation and examination without damaging the subject of inspection. This is where non-destructive testing, NDT, is employed. TransPol-5 is a portable, metallographic grinding/ polishing machine built to withstand rugged field conditions. Access to inspection sites is often restricted. The very compact 32 mm grinding and polishing discs of the Struers grinding/polishing machine, means that e.g. welds in even the most inaccessible places can be dealt with. High performance motor, The powerful motor ensures sufficient power working even with the coarsest paper. The motor has variable speed (0-20,000 rpm) for optimum results. Battery or mains powered,An exchangeable battery pack offers up to 1½ hours of continuous battery operation. The battery pack is shared with the MoviPol-5 electropolisher. Battery pack and charger are included. All necessary accessories are included, and are easily stored in the hold of the carrying case. Here, there is also plenty of storage space for all consumables needed for the preparation. The portable grinder/polisher comes with both an angled and a straight handle, and exchangeable rubber discs, for support of the grinding paper and polishing cloth discs. Remote-controlled operation, TransPol-5 comes with a 3 m cable. When the operator needs to climb onto e.g. a ladder, the carrying case can stay on the ground, while the grinding/polishing unit is remote-controlled from the elevated position. Consumables, A wide range of grinding and polishing consumables are available for TransPol-5; grinding and polishing discs as well as flapper wheels. The entire range of Struers non-destructive preparation products have been designed for field work. The equipment is thus as compact and as light as possible. It is easy to transport and can be used literally under any conditions. Know more about our next product : TenuPol-5