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Trichloroethylene Recycler (AIM 589 )

Ref: Standard ASTM 05616-04


The ever-increasing emphasis on safety, environmental pollution and automatic handling of toxic materials has seen a need for the development and use of asphalt extraction systems. Aimil offers instrument for asphalt extraction to recover the Trichloroethylene or dichloromethane from the bituminous mixtures. This machine is used for recycling trichloroethylene (C2HCl3) used in asphalt extraction tests and the recovered solvent can be used 6-7 times and its found very cost effective as the price of trichloroethylene is very high.The instrument comprises of two chambers for solution evaporator and condensation and control cabinet for temperature control & cooling water cycling. The main unit is made of stainless steel for rust free operation for longer time.