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TROMINO is first all-in-one instrument for the dynamic characterization of soils, structures and more. Very small in size and power consumption, it also works in array configuration through an exclusive radio communication system which makes it versatile and suited for many applications. The system can be used for 1D & 2D seismic arrays synchronized through the GPS time marker and Radios. These arrays are passive and provide shear wave velocity profiles (Vs) from SPAC -spatial autocorrelation and other techniques (or similar). There are 3 velocimetric channels with adjustable dynamic range and ultrahigh sensitivity for sesmic ambient noise recordings (up to ±1.5 mm/s ~) and lower sensitivity but higher dynamics for strong anthropic vibrations (up to ± 5 cm/s), 3 accelerometric channels, 1 analog channel (e.g., external trigger for MASW/refraction), built-in GPS receiver, internal and/or external antenna for positioning and absolute timing/synchronization among different units built-in radio transmitter/receiver module for indoor/outdoor, synchronization among different units and alarm transmission (e.g., signal above threshold levels), Radio triggering system for MASW/refraction, built-in calibration and check-up system, Operating Frequency Ranges from 0.1Hz to 1024Hz on all channels (up to 32 kHz on 2 channels) with A/D conversion > 24 real bits. Tromino can record in continuous mode without time-limits or for predefined time intervals. Starting is manual or on threshold. It can work in stand-alone mode or connected to and managed by a PC (or remotely, via web) through the software tool Tromino Manager. This allows to continuously view and save data acquired on remote stations and to send threshold-based alarms on-line or via e-mail. Tromino Manager allows remote control of networks of Trominos connected via radio to a master Tromino. Modal Analysis of Structures: for the calculation of the modal frequencies and shapes of structures. CONSTRAINED H/V CURVE FITTING FOR Vs30 ESTIMATES: H/V forward modeling and inversion tool based on surface waves (Rayleigh and Love waves). A constraint is needed to determine the model. JOINT FITTING OF H/V AND DISPERSION CURVES: Subsoil velocity profile from joint fitting of H/V, active (MASW, etc.) and passive (ReMi , ESAC, SPAC, passive MASW, etc.) array surveys.