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Two Point Trapezoidal Bending Beam Machine

Optimisation of the setting-up time with intelligent software, and accurate temperature control with an integrated temperature cabinet.

Bending tests are widely used for measuring the stiffness modulus and assessing the fatigue resistance of asphaltic paving materials. The two-point bending test on trapezoidal specimens is, arguably, the most repeatable and reproducible bending test method detailed in the relevant EN12697 standards. In this test the specimen is mounted as a vertical cantilever. The base is fixed and the top is moved sinusoidally with a constant displacement amplitude. The trapezoidal shape ensures that the maximum values of bending stress and strain occur away from the ends of the specimen where there are likely to be stress concentrations.



EN 12697-24 Annex A
EN 12697-26 Annex A


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