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UPW Flow Controllers for PMS Liquid Particle Counters

UPW Flow Controllers complete flow control of ultrapure water through a liquid particle counter is critical to ensure accurate and actionable data. Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) offers the new FC-200 and FC-100 series of pressure balancing flow controllers as the perfect complement to our high precision liquid particle counters.

The FC-100 automatically adjusts to pressure changes within the particle counting system to provide precise and stable ultrapure water flow control without intervention. Available with a variety of flowmeters, the FC-100 is designed to match the particle counter’s flow rate.

The FC-200 model adds an additional flowmeter that provides a high flow rate flush to quickly clear the fluid lines and particle counter of any trapped air or particles without any change to plumbing. This flush gets you back to collecting accurate data as soon as possible after installation and is recommended for the Ultra DI® 20 liquid particle counter.