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Uscom BP+

India is a hotbed for non-communicable diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In fact, it is known that Indians have a vascular age which is upto 10 years higher that their caucasian counterparts. It is important to diagnose vascular aging at its earliest stage, so that lifestyle and medical intervention can be introduced early, to reduce morbidity and mortality. The Uscom BP+ is a premium clinical and research tool for hypertension, which provides comprehensive non-invasive cardiovascular assessment from an upper arm cuff. It uses a prprietary physics based algorithm to compute data from its  SupraSystolic Oscillometric technology to deliver validated measurements of central aortic pressure (CAP) and augmentation Index (AI) among many other vascular parameters . It is sensitive, repeatable, accurate, non-invasive and operator independent, measuring easily and consistently, and is ideal for use in a physician's office.In addition to Central Aortic Pressure and Augmentation Index, the device also performs an analysis of the central and peripheral Pulse Waveforms, and is often used as a screening tool for Atrial Fibrillation. BP+ is widely used  in the research and management of hypertension, whether it is in the ICU, the ward, the physician's office or at home.