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Variable Temperature (Reservoir) Cryostats - Flowing Vapor (SVT series)

SuperVariTemp Cryostat Systems - Sample in Flowing Vapor

The Janis Research SuperVariTemp (SVT) system is the basis for a variety of variable temperature cryostats. Offering quick sample exchange, an operational range of 1.5-300 K and highly efficient operation, this versatile system is often incorporated into Janis' CNDT series dewars or, for maximum flexibility, this concept is applicable with virtually any dewar.

By controlling the temperature of the flowing helium vapor in which samples are immersed, both the sample and holder are simultaneously cooled to the same temperature, thereby eliminating the need for thermal anchoring and sample mount heating. The helium flow rate and heater current are balanced to provide flowing vapor/sample temperatures over the range of 1.5-300 K; automatic temperature controllers together with application specific thermometry provide accurate and precise temperature control.