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Vertical Electric Sounding & Borehole Logging of Resistivity-SP, Temperature & Caliper (by individual probe) (McOHM-EL2)

The McOHM-EL2 is a cost-effective instrument that can be applied to both electrical sounding and well logging (resistivity, temperature & caliper). A PC-based control part, a 10.4-inch LCD, a large-capacity transmitter circuit part and a high-performance potential measurement part are all stored in one compact case, giving this instrument superior operability and portability.It is equipped with a powerful transmitter (400 V, 120 mA), a preamplifier with a high input resistance of 10 MO and a 24 bit A/D converter, and a high-performance receiver is mounted to enable measurements with a resolution of 0.001 mV. Also, its data are in comma-separated value (CSV) format that can be edited on a PC easily.