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Vialit Plate Adhesion Tester

Easy to use, robust test apparatus to obtain consistent and repeatable results day after day. Complies with industry standards.

The Cooper Vialit Plate Adhesion Tester CRT-VPAT is used to evaluate binder aggregate adhesivity by vialit plate shock test method. This method is an indicator of aggregate retention for chippings. The adhesion between binder and chippings form the basis of successful surface dressing. Asphalt emulsion or hot binder is applied to stainless steel plates and aggregates are embedded in the binder using hand operational rubber wheel roller, which is fitted with bearings to ensure consistent, smooth rolling action. The prepared test plate is turned over and placed on 3 pointed support rods. Stainless steel ball is made to fall from an ‘angled slide’ three times within 10 seconds period onto the inverted test plates. The results are recorded as percent aggregate retention.



  • EN 12272-3
  • NF P98-274-1


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