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Viasampling System

ViaSampler is a dedicated coupon extraction station with a precision router-cutter (milling tool) for drilling two positioning holes and extracting test coupons. Drilling and routing are carried out automatically in one operation, so no tool change is necessary. With its advanced vision system, ViaSampler allows quick and accurate pin-pointing of test coupons. The large routing table allows you to extract coupons from the entire board, providing you with increased flexibility – and more representative coupons. Struers ViaSampling System takes board quality inspection to another level. Extract coupons from anywhere on production panels, more precisely and faster than ever before • Custom designed for the PCB Industry • Representative samples from most board types, rigid and flex • Guaranteed, repeatable results - no lost samples • High-precision preparation of microvias down to 100 µm • System precision better than ± 20 µm • Reduce preparation costs to a minimum • Continuous routing feature for highest productivity ViaSampler: Fully automatic, low-impact coupon extraction from anywhere on the board ViaKit: High-precision preparation of up to 36 coupons at a time ViaKit Basic: Entry-level coupon preparation toolkit. Application range, ViaSampler has a wide application range and can be used for both HDI and standard boards (unmounted), rigid and flex type. ViaSampler handles boards with a thickness up to 6 mm and dimensions up to 635 mm x 635 mm (25" x 25"). Flexible positioning, With the large routing table, you are no longer limited to inspecting coupons from the edge of the board, since ViaSampler allows coupon extraction from anywhere on the board. Pin-pointing to perfection, Using the intuitive touch-screen interface, even microvias are precisely pin-pointed at an on-screen magnification of up to 200 times. The AutoTrack feature allows the routing table to follow your on-screen movements and automatically track the new position. Continuous routing ,This feature lets you extract multiple coupons from a panel - in a single process. Minimizing the machine operations between coupons, valuable time is saved. Flexible coupon size, Extract the standard 10x20 mm coupon size for automatic grinding and polishing with the ViaKit, or design the coupon according to your requirements - with or without positioning holes.