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Advanced Online Condition Monitoring for multiple channels. Online systems work fully autonomously around the clock. Changes in the machine conditions are detected automatically in real time.


Under the Online Condition Monitoring systems, we introduce advance online condition monitoring - VIBGUARD protects your assets with high-end technology.


Pruftechnik VIBGUARD offers synchronous and parallel data acquisition on 20 analog channels. It keeps your equipment safe whenever your complex machine/device sudden shutdown. When then it ensures maximum productivity. 


VIBGUARD is ready for FTT spectra, overall values, time signal, shock pulse and more on 20 parallel channels for almost all kind of signal inputs. Vibration monitoring, Tacho Pulse, temperature and any other relevant solution inputs like some parameters on rotating machines that is Torque are processed that can be correlate to actual manufacturing process.  


VIBGUARD is also available as a portable version for effective high-end troubleshooting.



VIBGUARD portable

Advanced Vibration Monitoring System

Mobile troubleshooting for specialists

  • Portable machine diagnosis system
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • IP 64 rated sturdy aluminum case
  • 20 synchronous measurement channels
  • Continuous data recording
  • Various configurations available
  • Optional industrial PC integrated